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Privacy Policy

We do not share Customer’s information with third parties unless necessary, subject to the provisions herein. We reserve the right to access any of Customer’s Services and data unless and until Customer requests otherwise. Customer’s usage data and processes is accessible by us. In the event of abnormal activity, such as high CPU usage, receiving any complaints, or other indications of abuse as described in this Agreement, Customer must provide us access to Customer’s Service(s) to avoid Termination.


Customer acknowledges that we will share certain Customer information with third parties in a limited number of circumstances, such as the following:

  • We will share Customer information as necessary for billing purposes, such as information exchanges with PayPal and similar payment services in order to facilitate financial transactions—this may include Customer’s name, address, and IP address as well as payment information depending on Customer’s method of payment;
  • We will share Customer information as necessary for fraud prevention purposes—this may include Customer’s name, address, IP address, and more;
  • We reserve the right to share a limited amount of Customer information for marketing and market analysis—this may include Customer’s geographical information, address, and generalized information about the level of Services requested;
  • We will share Customer information as necessary with law enforcement agencies, subject to requirements of the local laws, and in accordance with international laws as discussed in further detail below.

Law Enforcement Access to Data

We will respond to requests by law enforcement agencies. As such, we can only share Customer information with a third party if you, the Customer, give express written permission to us to do so, or the third party is a law enforcement or government agency that, if and where necessary, presents a facially valid warrant, court-ordered subpoena, or administrative subpoena. We reserves the right to share Customer information, at our sole discretion, if we reasonably believe that the situation presents an emergency involving immediate danger of death or serious physical injury to any person.

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