Hong Kong VDS 常見問題

為什麼有的产品需要KYC實名認證? 台灣 NCC 對提供 VPS 服務的業者有明確要求,需要收集 VPS 服務使用者的身份信息。如我們不遵守其規定,可能會被罰款,要求停業,甚至負擔刑事責任。 快車道提供的相關香港台灣產品都需要實名認證。我們對 KYC ... Read More »

4th Mar 2020
美西北加州 HE 線路香港 IP VDS 產品說明

IPv6 好用嗎? 這一系列產品的 IPv6 很優質,建議多加利用。我們 IPv6 Transit 接了 10Gbps 的 Hurricane Electric,頻寬充足。而 HE 又是 IPv6 領域的 Global Tier 1 運營商,到世界各地都不錯。 如何開啟 IPv6 出訪功能? 如果您運行酸酸乳,請編輯 user-config.json 文件,將其中的 ... Read More »

4th Aug 2019
HiNet 固定制 IP 商業寬頻 VDS 常見問答

此預購產品可否退款? 可以,但是需要在商家接受客戶訂單之前提出。一旦訂單被接受,除非商家在訂單接受日起45天內無法交付服務的,不可退款。訂單接受與否以商家後台系統訂單狀態為準。訂單接受後,如客戶要求,商家應向客戶出示 HiNet ... Read More »

28th Jan 2019
HiNet 浮動 IP VDS 常見問題解答

線路是動態 IP 嗎?如何更換 IP ? 可以動態也可以靜態。兩種 IP 都通過 PPPoE 撥號獲得,QoS 等級一致。 靜態 IP 就算掛線重撥後,拿到的新 IP 每次都一樣。這類線路數量有限,需要聯繫客服預約。 動態 IP 每次掛線重撥後,都會拿到一個新的 IP 地址。如果 PPPoE ... Read More »

28th Jan 2019
Terms of Service

KuaiCheDao is the hosting service business under Eons Data Communications Limited. (億安數據通訊有限公司 incorporated in Hong Kong, Eons or we hereafter). This Terms of Service (or this Agreement, hereafter) does not stand alone, it includes and incorporates the following documents Know Your Customer (KYC) Identity Verification ... Read More »

1st Sept 2018
Know Your Customer (KYC) Identity Verification Policy

From Hong Kong and Taiwan law enforcement authorities, we have received many subpoenas requiring us to help investigate internet crimes. In order to prevent our services from being criminally abused, we now require new customers who have ordered certain services to verify their identity. Not all products require identity verification. Only if ... Read More »

1st Sept 2018
Acceptable Usage Policy

Prohibited Content We do not permit any Customer to use our Services for illegal activities, and Customer warrants that it will not conduct, participate in, allow, or facilitate any prohibited activity. Customer agrees not to post, provide, embed, link, or otherwise make available any Customer Content (as defined in our Copyright Policy) ... Read More »

1st Sept 2018
Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy We do not share Customer’s information with third parties unless necessary, subject to the provisions herein. We reserve the right to access any of Customer’s Services and data unless and until Customer requests otherwise. Customer’s usage data and processes is accessible by us. In the event of abnormal activity, such as high ... Read More »

1st Sept 2018